Looking for PVC strip Curtains?

We can help you with all of this:

  • PVC Strip curtains
  • Biogard anti-bacteria curtains
  • Temporary cold storage areas through track mounted curtains
  • Portable cold storage
  • Insulated Pallet covers
  • Insulated roll cage covers

Looking for  pvc strip curtains?

We have a unique patented insulation system which saves between 15-30% of the energy required to run your cold store or freezer. Lasts up to 5 times longer than your regular curtain.

We Supply "Cold Stop" PVC strip Curtains for Energy saving

Fill your details in and we'll call you with expert advice on how to save energy in your cold store.  It's a 100% free, no obligation service . We know you're serious about buying and will give you a fast quote for our unique, high performance pvc curtains.

Great deals on pvc curtain

Here's why our system offers you the most benefits.

  • Our Cold Stop PVC curtains have been tested and approved in many establishments in the UK and Europe, and are found in many countries around the world, now in South Africa
  • Cold Stop curtains, based on Tempro® insulation, provide energy savings between 18-25% in chillers and 30-35% in freezers
  • Thermal claims have been validated by the Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Associationwww.campden.co.uk and the Building Research Establishment www.bre.co.uk 
  • The PVC strip curtains are up to 5 time longer lasting than regular strip curtains.
  • Curtains are soft and user friendly and use a patented header arrangement that is a design and efficiency breakthrough
  • Our products are now specified for all cold stores and freezers in South Africa's leading retail chain